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Wire Harness Assembly in Pune – Sparsh Electronics


Extending cables, tangled cables are a nightmare for one and all, but resolving this mixture in a way that is effective and productive has been an obscure idea for ages. With a perfect tangle of wires in a commercial office or in a vehicle or on a plane, normal functioning, repair, maintenance or even replacement can be quite difficult. We, at Sparsh Electronics, give the perfect answer with a customized cable wire harness that purposes and improve the overall richness or productivity of any company.

Sparsh Electronics\’s cable wire harnesses give many benefits over having loose wires and cables. Our Cable harnesses give a compact, smart yet simple approach to obtain many similar wires and cables into a cable harness. Our cable wire harnesses not only offer a more systematic manner of handling the mess of wires but also ensure them great against the different forms like vibrations and moisture.

Wiring Harness

As the best cable Wire Harness Manufacturing Company in Pune, Sparsh Electronics has a combined manufacturing plant that manufactures and provides custom wire harness. Our manufacturing department has qualified and experienced staff to satisfy every type of Wiring harness and Cable Assembly design requirement.

Our innovative wiring harness design method and engineering expertise to assist us to build capabilities, and certified cable wire harnesses that are at par with the variety given by cable wire harness companies across the globe.

Including a free cut method in place, we at Sparsh Electronics add genuine contact times of raw materials and design our manufacturing method in an orderly manner that guarantees on-time delivery and supply of cable wire harness across the country.

Our method combines both Automatic and manual:

  1. Wire cutting
  2. Wire Stripping
  3. Assembly
  4. Crimping
  5. Sleeving
  6. Labeling
  7. Quality Control
  8. Packing

Including both automatic and manual quality controls that cover a broad collection of analysis tools, high quality, safety test and a practical test at different levels for all our customized wiring harnesses and specialized cable harnesses.

As the trusted or advanced cable wire harness manufacturers in various cities, at Sparsh Electronics, we also give excellent on-site cable wire harness parts.

Our versatility and ability to manufacture and supply customized cable wiring harnesses for each machine, for any purpose, and at any size including examples, pilot lots, bulk orders makes Sparsh Electronics one of the most secure cable wire harnesses manufacturers.

New Product Development

The company that believes innovation differentiates between a leader and a follower, Sparsh Electronics is exposed to new product development for electrical and electronics manufacturers and companies across the country.

Given any term, we at Sparsh electronics produce different designs with also choices to choose from. All our customers have done is take the most suitable choice befitted to their requirements and set the order. We manufacture the preferred new product in the necessary supplies and also in bulk.

By such versatility and customization allowed, Sparsh Electronics is one of the best Wire Harness Assembly Company in Pune and most asked after manufacturers for new product development due to our innovative approach and want specific manufacturing.

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