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The demand for Power Cords in Electrical Devices

A Power cord can be described as an electrical cable that would quickly attach an electric appliance to the mains electricity supply through a wall socket or an extension line. Usually, it is a cable that solicits the help of a power plug to attach to a single-phase as an alternating current power source at the local line. By and huge, the voltage of it is 100 to 240 volts which completely depends on the area.

Electrical Power Cords:


Any set of an influence cord would come with connectors that are molded to the cord at each end.  A Cord collection consists of a versatile cord with electrical connectors at either end of which one is male because the other one is female and they are separated from both the electrical equipment and power supply.

The formation is such that one end of the cord set is connected to a molded electrical plug while the opposite end is typically a molded electrical receptacle. This benefits in limiting the probability of having an opened live prong or pin which would cause electric shock. The design is done in such a format where the female connector is connected to the piece of equipment or device while the male plug is used to attach to the electrical receptacle or outlet.

There are countless numbers of Power cords manufacturers in India. Normally, Power cords are manufactured in the molds of 2 Pin and 3 Pin Power Cords. All Power cords and cables manufacturers should stick fast to the terms as per IEC standard C5 to C20.


Normally Power cables are either attached or detachable from the device. If the Power cord is having a detachable lead then it is guaranteed that the device end of the power cord has a female connector to connect it to the appliance. This method is ideally followed to evade the risks of having a live protruding pin. To stop random disconnection, the cords may also have twist-locking features or additional attachments at one or both ends.

To decrease the usage of the devices in various countries all Indian Power cord manufacturers make utilization of international power cords and plug adapters in conjunction with electrical devices that have a voltage converter to guard the traveler’s electronic parts and make them fit with devices from another country.

Sparsh Electronics is a certified company by ISO 9001: 2015 and it is a  Power Cords manufacturers. They have tailor-made power cords that par perfection when it happens to large time performance and hence they are a recognized name in the industry for custom power cord manufacturers in India. Sparsh Electronics has an infinite inventory of consumer products to name a few would be TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines,  Air Conditioners, and Computer peripherals.

So if you need Power cords then visit on to their website to see out for the product manufactured by them which is combining power cords with wire harness for improved safety, reliability and cost optimization.

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