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Wire Harness Manufacturers in Pune

A wire harness is an assembly of electrical cables/ wires which are used to transmit electrical power or signals. It is also known by many terms in industry like wire assembly, wiring harness, cable harness, and cable assembly. The cables/ wires are efficiently clubbed together using different material to form as a one unit assembly. Wire harness is a critical aspect of any product whether that be an automobile or consumer product like Air conditioner or water purifier.

The major markets for all wire harness manufacturer are an automotive industries & consumer product industries. We, Sparsh Electronics are proud to say that, we come among the best Automotive & Consumer Product Wiring Harness Manufacturers in Pune.

Automotive & Consumer product Wire Harness

In automotive industry the wiring harness plays essential role in performing electrical function without making the system more complicated. Wire harness helps the automotive manufacturer to save in assembly cost, safety & maintenance; later on user front also it has many advantages like easy replacement of harness in case of faults. Automotive wiring harness are used in applications like power windows, horn relay connection, Sound system, cigarette lighter, radiator fan, battery harness, wipers, tail lights, front lights, sunroof mechanism & many more. The wire harness is easy to put in as it comes as a unit like plug & play system and thus it is most price effective resolution for a variety of demand for electricity on the automotive.

Unlike Automotive industry, Consumer product industries have variety of different product & different applications because of this the wire harness requirements are different for different application & product structure. But, the length of harness is short compared with the automotive applications. Application for wire harness in products like washing machine,  water purifier, ACs, Air coolers, Refrigerators, Grinders, TVs etc, & many more.

At Sparsh electronics, our expert team support our clients right from the start till production. We produce highly accurate & quality wire harness using automated & manual processes like wire cutting using machines etc.; which makes us most preferable wire harness manufacturing company in Pune.

Sparsh Electronics Portfolio

We have served many Indian & International clients for below harness requirement –

  • Automotive Two coil harness
  • Automotive Coil harness
  • Commercial Vehicle Body Harness
  • Diesel glow plug harness
  • Potentiometer gauge meter harness
  • Commercial AC Harness
  • Water purifier harness
  • Inverter harness
  • Export Harness
  • Power supply wiring harness
  • Domestic harness

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