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Choose the Best Power Cord Manufacturer in the Market

Sparsh Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is that the Power cord manufactures in India which uses the simplest in technology and innovation whether it\’s for appliances reception or for equipment at the industry. Our main focus is on quality as an influence cord is as crucial as your electric gadget. Being an important part of the facility cords plays an important role in running your appliances efficiently. We are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of power cords domestically and globally.


We provide a good range of power cords of which few are listed below:

1.Desktop cord
We are the simplest cord manufacturers and supply certified cables for desktop power supplies. The Desktop power line that we supply is widely in demand for its advanced making and outstanding quality. There are varied specifications available for this cord and at a market-leading price. We have a good range of wires from 0.2 mm2 to 50 mm2. The standard of cables has robust performance and specifically designed to save lots of devices from short. The cords that we manufacture have one hundred pc breakaway connections and that they are tested on proper calibrated automatic machines.

2.Three-pin cord
With the assistance of a team of experts of the facility cord manufacturers, our company is offering a good assortment of the facility cord (3 pins or 2 pins) to customers. They\’re in huge demand for the appliance in Electrical and electronic appliances. We also provide customized range of cords as per the demand of consumers.


3.Electric power cords
The electric power cords that we offer have undergone all the regulatory processes and meet all safety standards. The products are best within the industry because it is specially manufactured as per the international and national quality standards. the facility cords that we deliver are high on strength and immune to corrosion.

4.Power supply cords

A very high-quality cable is employed supplying power for various IT appliances. Sorts of equipment came with an influence cord which connects them to the mains via an electrical plug mounted on a wall. Any power cords are set whereas others are detachable. Detachable ones accompany a socket at one end and a pin at the opposite. Its demand has tremendously increased during a short span of your time thanks to its excellent performance and lots of other unique features.

5.Custom power cords designed for your exact needs
when getting to purchasing typical power cords, you\’ve got very limited options. They\’re available in standard cord sizes, standard lengths, and standard plug configurations. But Sparsh Electronics Pvt Ltd has the answer to all or any of your problems. We are the worthiest custom power cords manufacturers and supply all the facilities depending upon the dimensions, length, domestic, industrial or international applications.

Utilizing our different configuration tools, clients can create prototypes, tools, molds, and forms for manufacturing. The craft cords are usually used as medical cables, molded wire harnesses, computer cables and far more. The expert team at Sparsh Electronics Pvt Ltd can mold any cord design alongside the connector modes on both ends making us the simplest cord manufacturers. It is the best Wire Harness Manufacturing Company in Pune.

Sparsh Electronics can manufacture unlimited quantities of power cables and are the cord wire manufacturers India.

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